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This research will map out the occurrence, and distribution of toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins across the seven agro-ecological zones (AEZ) of Nigeria. Data will identify mycotoxin resistant varieties of the crops and non-toxigenic fungal strains for bio-control of fungi producing fumonisins, and ochratoxin A. The study will also determine dietary mycotoxin exposure of selected populations to identify the most vulnerable groups for which intervention will be targeted. The role of botanicals possessing fungicidal and anti-toxin effects will also be explored in the production of antimicrobials for storage of targeted crops. Green chemistry approach using plants with anti-oxidant and hepatoprotective activities will be explored in production of medicinal supplements for protection against the four most toxic mycotoxins found in the survey. Nano-encapsulated feed binders will also be developed against the same toxic mycotoxins. Other expected outcome from this work are; creation of a national database for fungi and mycotoxins contaminating foods and feeds.


Federal University of Technology, Minna, University of Johannesburg, Nigeria Medical Research Council


Tertiary Education Trust Fund