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The purpose of this project is to identify publically available maize inbred lines in South Africa and Kenya that can be introduced into plant breeding programmes for resistance breeding to AER and FER and their associated mycotoxins. To achieve this, maize inbred lines have been screened for resistance to AER and FER, and their associated mycotoxins, over multiple locations in both Kenya and South Africa. Kenyan material with resistance to AER will have been screened for resistance to FER in South Africa, and South African material with resistance to FER have been screened for resistance to AER in Kenya. Resistant material has been identified and crossed with maize inbred lines adapted to South African and Kenyan conditions and tested for resistance to AER, FER, aflatoxins and fumonisins. Finally, quantitative trait loci will be identified for AER and FER resistance that could in future be used for marker assistant selection by maize breeding programmes. 


University of Nairobi, Stellenbosch University, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation, Agricultural Research Council of South Africa


CIMMYT Maize Project