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PACA Partnership Platform Meeting 2014

The first Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa (PACA) Partnership Platform Meeting took place on 07-09 October 2014, at the African Union Commission headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The PACA PPM was of particular importance as it was organized in the year 2014, which was declared by the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government as the “Year of Agriculture and Food Security in Africa”.

The PACA Partnership Platform Meeting brought together almost 200 delegates representing the full array of stakeholders involved in the management of aflatoxins in Africa, including: African Union Commission, Regional Economic Communitiies, government ministries and regulatory agencies, companies, farmers, entrepreneurs, health organizaitons, civil society groups and development partners. It was an extraordinary, productive and action directed meeting that will influence the aflatoxin control landscape in Africa for the coming period. Experts from across Africa made a compelling case for the linkages among food safety, food security and nutrition, while identifying special focus on the significant and pervasive development challenges and barriers to health posed by aflatoxins.

The meeting was an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss how to engage and deepen partnerships to create synergies and alignment around current efforts on the continent. The Platform shared success stories among RECs and countries and built momentum for replication. This First PACA PPM created a forum to:

  1. Embrace the PACA Strategy 2013-2022 and PACA Mid-Term Strategic Direction as a driving instrument for guiding joint actions and phased attainment of results and impact;
  2. Share implementation progress, challenges and receive input from stakeholders to enhance the effectiveness of the broad range of PACA activities;
  3. Exchange information, share experiences and lessons in aflatoxin mitigation and management, including evidence from recent studies;
  4. Identify and deepen partnerships to create synergies and strengthen programs aligned with the PACA Strategy; and
  5. Engage stakeholders to support efforts in the fight against aflatoxins on the African continent.

Please review the PPM 2014 Communique and PPM 2014 Summary for further details.

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