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Evaluation of mycobiota and mycotoxins in cereals and feeds in Botswana


The Evaluation of mycobiota and mycotoxins in cereals and feeds project in Botswana is developing mycotoxin analysis capacity and evaluating mycotoxin levels in cereals and feeds. Building capacity on the identification of moulds using standard methods and developing molecular methods for characterization of Fungi. Provide data to the stakeholders so as to guide government regulatory policies and provide analytical services to the public.

National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC)


Aflatoxin Proficiency Testing and Control in Eastern and Central Africa (APTECA)


The Aflatoxin Proficiency Testing and Control in for Eastern and Central Africa (APTECA) program performs 3rd party verification activities to provide interested parties (i.e. millers, other industry, government agencies) with objective evidence of a laboratory’s capability to produce data that is both accurate and repeatable.  The program also provides biannual global Proficiency Testing, working controls samples of known aflatoxin concentration for internal quality control, and the APTECA seal (Aflatoxin tested Process verified by APTECA), which can be used to demonstrate a laboratory’s competence to clients, potential customers, accreditation bodies and other external entities. 

Cereal Millers Association in Kenya, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Kenya Bureau of Standards(KEBS), Cereal Growers Association, COMESA, Texas A&M AgriLife Research at the BecA ILRI Hub, Office of the Texas State Chemist, International Food Policy Research Institute

Texas A&M Agrilife Research, Office of the Texas State Chemist

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