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Research on push-pull, a novel cropping system utilizing two companion plants has potential to provide striga, stem borer, and aflatoxin control. One group of companion plants attracts the stem borer and another group of companion plants repels it. The repellent companion plant also controls striga and increases the soil fertility. Maize which grows in the push-pull system has significantly less aflatoxin. Reserach investigates the co-relation of stem borer attacks and companion plants on aflatoxin in the soil.

International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), Kenya and Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom

McKnight foundation, European Union, World Food Programme

BMFG Grant to IITA


Working to reduce aflatoxin prevalence on groundnuts and maize grown by smallholder farmers in eleven countries in Africa through facilitating the manufacture and distribution of a breakthrough biocontrol product, aflasafe.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Enhancing food security by smallholder farmers through aflatoxin mitigation


The issue of aflatoxin has constituted a significant challenge to food security and poverty eradication on the African continent. It has become a major cause of post-harvest loss that further affects the quantity of food reaching the markets in Africa. The growth of the molds that produce aflatoxins is caused by multiple factors, and they must be controlled along the entire value chain from production to consumption. A robust multifaceted approach to controlling aflatoxins will be effective. These approaches include training of farmers on aflatoxins, technical assistance and development of low cost diagnostic tests.

Farm Ideas

Storage and Drying for Aflatoxin Prevention (AflaSTOP)


Storage and Drying for Aflatoxin Prevention (AflaSTOP)developing and commercializing drying and storage technology for smallholder farmers to prevent the growth of aflatoxins.

ACDI/VOCAASIMeridian Institute; and other local partners

Supporting the Pan-African Quality Infrastructure


Supporting the Pan-African Quality Infrastructure (continental, regional and national level) as a basis for regional and national testing facilities and for pan-African alignment of standards.

Bio-pesticide registration workshop


Bio-pesticide registration workshop with specific focus on the use of native beneficials for aflatoxin control.


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